The Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test is an online school survey that was used by students at Rice University . According to the website, the evaluation is just a lot of fun, drugs, and debauchery a student gets in the course of their time there which can be found here. This test is presumed to become a "bonding experience" with pupils, but it seems that it might be a lot more tension, especially if someone is uncomfortable engaging in the survey.

Everything You Need To Know About The Rice Purity Test

  1. The "pure" scale is from 1-100

The lower the number, the more "pure" you are.

  1. The questions get aggressive quickly and range from simple acts like kissing to felonies

The survey starts out slowly, inquiring about things like handing out and then leads to medication, judgment, and threesomes. It is somewhat confusing how any of it actually joins or defines an individual.

  1. There is no true definition or "impurity"

The evaluation never really clarifies how much each query comes from.

  1. Half the questions have nothing to do with being pure or not

French and gone skinny-dipping kissed? God forbid.

  1. The results do not give you anything but a red bolded number

Your outcome is literally a red number which you hope to end up between 1 and 100 with zero excuse.  And you can not take a look at it. The Rice Purity Test is interesting to say the least. May the odds be ever in your favor.